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About Stone Taly

Explore Stone Taly's exquisite collection of luxury natural marble dining table sets, affordable sintered stone table and furniture.

Crafted with pride, each table begins with a hand-selected natural marble slab, meticulously handmade into a high-quality, timeless beauty that adds luxury and sophistication, perfectly suited for both your residential and commercial spaces.

Elevate your dining moments with Stone Taly, the leading natural marble dining table and sintered stone dining table supplier in Malaysia.

Stone Taly Answer to Marble Stain

"Hello natural, goodbye stain."

Save your marble stain trouble with our natural marble dining table. Coated with Bloc Stain for lasting protection against stain.

Now you can choose white marble top as your table top.

Perfect Stone for Your Space

Natural Stone, Sintered Stone or Porcelain
The Choice is Yours.

Granite and Natural Marble

Natural Marble Series: Unveiling the Beauty of Timeless Stone

Introducing our Natural Marble Series with
Bloc Stain coating, where we celebrate the raw elegance of natural stone. Choose marble to embrace the unique flaws inherent in the stone. Each flaw, every texture tells a story, making your marble table a captivating addition to your space.

Handcrafted Luxury, A Timeless Beauty Furniture Piece.

Porcelain and Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone Series: Redefining Elegance with Man-Made Marvels

Introducing our Sintered Stone Series, a marvelous alternative to natural stone that brings refresh look to your dining experience. Choose sintered stone for a tabletop that looks great and withstands stains, heat, and scratches.

Less Maintenance,
More Affordable.

Custom Made in Four Steps

1. Pick Your Shape and Size

Table size matters.

Start with a table shape, end with the number of seats.

This helps you narrow your search for the right table size.

2. Pick Your Material

Granite, Natural Marble, and Sintered Stone.

For an all-rounder,
choose Sintered Stone.

For natural texture, veins, and color,
choose Natural Stone.

3. Pick Your Profile

The profile edge adds character to your table.

For classic design, you may consider
Double Mitre Joint profile.

For modern and sleek, you may consider
Deep Chamfered profile.

4. Pick Your Base

From simple minimalist geometric shapes to expressive curved structures.

Each design helps you make your
dining table a statement piece.

Finally, match your top with our
curated selection of table bases.

See Our Table in Person.

Visit our showroom at U9, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, to witness the authenticity of our natural marble dining tables.

Experience the rich textures, veins, and colors that make our tables truly special.

Feel the quality, admire the details, and visualize how these tables can elevate your space.

Choose a ready-to-go marble table from our curated selection or
explore custom-made options with us.

Our team is ready to assist you on your marble journey.

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